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Nason Lighting (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

LED high bay lights, LED high mast lights, LED flood lights, LED canopy lights, LED shoeboxes

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    No. 83, Yishen Road, Shipai, Bacheng Town, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
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Nason Lighting specializes in LED lighting products for industrial and commercial applications where high quality lighting is required while superior energy efficiency, minimal maintenance and long operational life are paramount. Nason Lighting is affiliated with Suzhou Jolighting Co., Ltd. which is a renowned induction lamp manufacturer. As the lighting industry goes through a complete transformation to high performancen LED lighting, Nason Lighting was established to embrace the change and strive to build a powerful LED lighting brand by duplicating Jolighting's success in induction lighting. Nason Lighting continues to reflect Jolighting's founding principles of innovative technologies, outstanding product performance and high customer satisfaction.

Nason Lighting designs and manufactures a complete range of UL, cUL, DLC, CCC, CE, RoHS, SAA, C-tick certified specification-grade LED light fixtures that include LED high bay lights, LED low bay lights, LED flood lights, LED area lights, LED wallpacks, LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED high mast lights, LED canopy lights, and LED vapor tight lights. The high performing fixtures are designed to meet the most demanding specification criteria by utilizing high efficacy LED light engines, precision TIR optics, proprietary heatsink designs, corrosion resistant polyester powder coated die cast aluminum housings, high efficiency constant current LED driver technology and advanced control modules. Built on forward-thinking sustainable technologies, these value engineered LED lights offer state-of-the-art technology, maximum energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and rock solid durability.

Nason Lighting prides itself in paying highest attention to innovation, quality, reliability and design through seamless integration of engineering talents across four different fields including optics, electrical and mechanical engineering and thermal management. Through its ISO 9001 certified operations and a fully equipped manufacturing facility, Nason's energy efficient, cost effective lighting solutions deliver consistently superior value to its customers. Nason's unique lighting capabilities enable itself to offer complete turnkey packages that provide a positive economic and environmental impact through a highly efficiently development process that speeds time-to-market and lowers costs without compromising quality.
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